Music Concert and Christmas Pantomime

Dunalley Christmas Pantomime

We are thrilled to share our whole school nativity performance with you 'A Christmas Surprise'.

Dunalley is abundant with positivity and Christmas cheer and it is very clear to see that COVID restrictions have not put a damper on our festive spirits.
Sit back and enjoy, with love from us all at Dunalley.

Dunalley Christmas Panto - A Christmas Surprise

Music concert

We are very excited to present our virtual Dunalley Music Concert. Although we would rather be looking forward to gathering in our school hall to experience these performances in person, it is wonderful to still be able to enjoy our children’s efforts and talents online.

Learning a musical instrument demands resilience and perseverance, qualities which we always emphasise the importance of at Dunalley, but it is also important to take pleasure from the challenges and rewards of improving a skill in any field. The children’s performances gathered here, alongside pieces from a number of staff members, clearly demonstrate the enjoyment and pride derived from these achievements. However, these performances would not be possible without the encouragement of families and the expert instruction provided by music teachers, whether here in school or arranged privately at home. Therefore, a big thank you must be extended to these inspiring music teachers. Finally, thank you to families for supporting your children by recording these performances and sharing them with the school.

And without further ado, please enjoy the concert…

Mrs Godfrey plays Somewhere Only We Know

Holly in 4WA

Isla in 3A

Toby in 4WA

Connor in 1G

Thomas in 5W

Matilida in 1G

Annabelle in 5M

Lola in 3A

Tilly in 2R/K

Ollie in 4F

Mia in 3A

Mr Jones plays Tears in the Rain

Robyn in 4W/A

Bea in 1F

Wilber in 4F

Arwen in 3A

Ava in 6P

Elle in 4W/A

Miss Tromans plays The Acrobat