January 29, 2020
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The Big Pedal 2016

The Big Pedal is powered by Sustrans, funded by the Bike Hub and supported by some very kind sponsors who donate prizes.

Sustrans is the charity that’s enabling people to travel by foot, bike, or public transport for more of the journeys we make every day.

The Big Pedal engages schools and encourages children to make two wheeled journeys to school for two weeks. All journeys are logged and are submitted as part of an exciting competition to win some amazing prizes.

Monday 19th April:
Thanks to everyone that came to school today on a bike or scooter. The total two wheeled journeys to school was 118. The two classes leading the way were RU & 3K with 15 two pedal journeys each. We hope you can all join in again tomorrow! Do you have to bring the car to school to get to work? One family that does, parked at the Pump Rooms and scooted from there, which was fantastic. Thank You All!
Tuesday 19th April:
Wow! 135 two wheeled journeys were made to school today by the children. Thank You for getting behind The Big Pedal. 3K led the way again with 16 children coming to school on a bike or scooter. Closely followed by RU & 3A with 15 each. I wonder which class will be top tomorrow? Please keep up the great work!!!
Wednesday 20th April:
Record numbers of children cycled or scooted to school today in the glorious sunshine. We are very grateful to all 150 pupils that joined in with The Big Pedal. There are 4 classes at the top today, with 1R, 2C, 3A & 3K all having 18 children participating in 2 wheeled journeys. The bike shelter has never been so busy! Thank you all for your support.
21st April 2016
Everyone's effort with regards to The Big Pedal has blown us away. Today 135 children, not including Mr Adams class who's results are yet to come in, came to school on a bike or scooter. Each night we are adding our totals to The Big Pedal website which is being logged against other schools across the country. Mr Keyte's class did it again, coming top in school with 19 journeys followed by Mrs Collier's with 18.
22nd April 2016
3K have ended the week as they started, at the top of the leader board with 20 two wheel journey's to school today. Closely followed by Mrs Colliers class with 19 and Mr Adams class with 18. There have been tears, scraps, cuts and bruises this week as the children have pedalled and scooted but it hasn't put them off as figures have grown and grown. THANK YOU ALL!
We are so proud of the children's enthusiasm and commitment all week. The figures are fantastic!
25th April 2016
Congratulations to Mrs Collier's class for topping The Big Pedal leader board today with 19 two wheeled journeys, followed by Mrs Raybould's class with 18. Today’s total was 146!!! Last week’s efforts placed us 14th in the South West region, out of 100 schools, which is phenomenal! Within Cheltenham we only have Grangefield Primary just ahead of us placed at 13th. Well done all. As well as nationally, we are competing locally against 10 other schools for prizes, so keep pedalling!!!

26th April 2016
We are so close to leading the way in Cheltenham. One last push over the next 3 days could see us as the school with the most two wheeled journeys in Cheltenham for The Big Pedal. Well done again to Mrs Collier's class who had the highest in school today with 19. We are still waiting for 2B & 3A results. Don't forget Superhero Day on Friday. For £1 children can dress up as superhero's or wear their own clothes with a superhero mask.
27th April 2016
We hope you enjoyed your 2 wheeled journeys into school in the sunshine this morning. The Big Pedal: 2 days to go!!! Well done Mrs Collier's class, top of the leader board again today with 19, followed by Mr Keyte's class with 18. 139 journeys across the school in total! One of our photo's has even made it onto The Big Pedal homepage: http://bigpedal.org.uk/schools/1456/uploads/214. Don't forget Super Hero Day on Friday!
28th April 2016
Super hero outfits tomorrow don't have to be elaborate, all the children are already super hero's in our eyes. We are proud of them everyday but this last fortnight they have excelled and exceeded expectation. A mask, underwear over leggings or just a cape will be fine. Full super hero outfit's will of course be fine too. We can't wait to see them all. All money will be donated to Sustrans, the charity that has made it happen. 156 journey's today with Mrs Collier's class raising the bar with 21!!!! Thank you!
29th April 2016
We have been part of a national initiative that has clocked up over one million two wheeled journey's to school since the 18th April. Three classes recorded 21 journeys today: Mrs Colliers, Mr Adam's and Mr Keyte's. School totals: Today - 178 (record!!!), This Week - 668, Over the two weeks - 1469. AMAZING!!!!! Yesterday we were top in Cheltenham but it is very close. Results will be posted on Tuesday. Thanks to all the Super Hero's that flew in today and for your donations for Sustrans.
The Big Pedal - final results: 1680 schools entered nationally.
189th overall nationwide
19th in the South West out of 110 schools
2nd in Cheltenham area
These results are amazing! Everyone did so well. Thank you so much for your support. Please keep pedalling and scooting even though The Big Pedal has finished.