December 14, 2019
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Parent Voice

Parent Voice is a group of parents/carers with children at Dunalley whose principal aim is a very simple one: to discuss given general topics about the school with subsequent feedback to staff for their consideration in the hope that suggestions and ideas might be taken forward to further enhance the children’s time at Dunalley.

Parent Voice is a “two way” forum. It is not only able to discuss specific school topics and questions that parents/carers as a whole may want to be evaluated but can also consider topics that staff may want Parent Voice to consider.

Solely for practical reasons, the core of Parent Voice is made up of a small number of parents who have children across all year groups. Ideally Parent Voice would have 3 or 4 parent “reps” from each year group, as this will ensure that if one parent from a given year group is unable to attend a meeting, someone else from the same year group should be able to. This structure gives a voice to all year groups and allows a diversity of opinions that are representative of all year groups to be made.

Key to the eventual success of Parent Voice is offering the opportunity to all parents/carers with children at Dunalley to participate in these discussions. To do so, forms will be made available to all parents/carers to complete prior to any Parent Voice meeting so that this feedback can be evaluated and discussed at the meeting. Comments can also be submitted prior to any meeting via the dedicated Parent Voice email –

Dates and times of Parent Voice meetings will be included in the weekly school newsletter when appropriate. The aim is for Parent Voice to meet at least once a term. Key points from all Parent Voice meetings and the school’s responses will be posted on this page for future reference.

Please do contribute to Parent Voice. We hope to hear from as many of you as possible as we discuss the topics raised. Together let’s try and make our children’s days at Dunalley as enjoyable as possible.

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