January 29, 2020
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Eco Committee

At Dunalley we have an Environmental Committee made up of 2 representatives from each class. They meet every half term to discuss green issues around the school.

The committee have an action plan, question procedures around school and promote issues to their peers.
Eco Committee Meeting Minutes:

21st June 2018
The year so far, Walk to school, new planters and the Dunalley Eco Code were all discussed.

26th Feb 2018
Items discussed included updates in the school newsletter, litter hero's and birthday treats.

16th Nov 2017
Switch Off fortnight and how to encourage everyone to be motivated to support the committees work was discussed.

10th Oct 2017
The action plan and Under your Feet project were agenda items.

4th May 2017
The Committee discussed the launch of the 5 minute walking zone. Full minutes here.

2nd March 2017
Discussed the results of nitrogen dioxide collected in the diffusion tubes they placed around school and how the children can protect themselves. Full minutes are available here.

10th November 2016
The Committee discussed the schools outside environment, Switch off Fortnight an Break Time Fruit. Full minutes are available here.

4th October 2016
The Eco Committee elected their new Chair and Secretary and started their environmental review. Please click here for the full minutes.

5th May 2016
The Eco Committee discussed the Y1 DT session, The Big Pedal results and reviewed their action plan. Full minutes are available here.

14th April 2016
The Eco Committee discussed milk bottle recycling, travel to school, The Big Pedal and their new action plan. To see the full minutes please click here.

Please find our Eco-Code below: