This week we will be introducing a new aspect to our curriculum: financial education. Understanding and using money wisely is a key skill for all ages. We have been lucky enough to have the support of ‘Life Savers’, which is a national programme designed to support primary schools in helping children and their families learn about money. We will be launching a school savings club next term which will be run by the children and adult volunteers.

During next week, all classes will be taking part in Money Week – a week of introductory activities based around five key questions:

  • Where does our money come from?
  • How does money make us feel?
  • What can we use our money for?
  • How does our money help other people?
  • How can we look after our money?
Parent information meeting 15.11.17

Polly Barnes (LifeSavers Education Consultant) and Steve Cullis (LifeSavers Area Co-ordinator) will be running an information meeting on Wednesday 15th November at 8.45 until approximately 9.15am, in the hall for parents of all children who would like to know more.

Please let us know if you are able to attend.

Many thanks

Sue Raybould

Financial Education Leader

Day 1.
Money Week
If you were given £20 how would you spend it? Please discuss with your child(ren).

Day 2
Money Week
Question of the day to discuss with your child(ren). Where does money come from?

Day 3
Money Week. What can we use our money for? How many different ways we use money can your family come up with?

Day 4
Money Week. When should you spend more money to purchase a better quality item? Discuss ... ...

Day 5
Money Week. On Children in Need day: How does our money help other people? What other ways can your family come up with.