This Monday morning (16th January) was dark and dreary – a typical winter day. So a perfect time to reinforce the critical rules of road safety to the children in assembly, thanks to a presentation by Mrs Raybould’s ‘Eco Warriers’.

All Eco Warriers were suitably dressed in high visibility jackets and took it in turns to tell the school about road safety. This included the wearing of bright colours – particularly in the darker winter months - so that motorists can more easily spot the children near roads; remembering to STOP-LOOK BOTH WAYS-LISTEN-THINK before you cross the road; to hold hands with other children’s or even better, grown up’s, when crossing the road; at pelican crossings to wait for the green man and even then, to only start crossing when the road is completely clear; to look out for a lollypop man or lady on busy roads who can help you cross the road safely.

Thanks to Mrs Raybould and Jenny Counsell-Biggs (Gloucestershire Think Travel Scheme) who helped the Eco Warriers put the presentation together with limited time. Jenny will kindly be bringing in some special high-visibility arm bands later on this week for every child at the school to wear when travelling to and from school. And over the next few months, Jenny will be working with the school on other sustainable activities that will both inform and encourage the children to travel to school on foot, scooter or bicycle rather than by car.

Click on the picture below for the full assembly presentation:

Best regards
Matt Roper