Mrs Raybould, School Parent Governor Matt Roper, a small committee of parents and the Eco Committee are currently working with Thinktravel, a local organisation that provides information about sustainable travel options and runs a number of travel related projects. Thinktravel are currently working with schools to monitor and improve air pollution around their sites. Today we were visited by the Thinktravel Air Quality Monitoring Van which small groups of children went to see and discuss the project with two Thinktravel staff.

The Air Quality Monitoring van has already checked air quality in all of our local streets as part of a 5 Minute Walking Zone Project in conjunction with our Eco Committee. For this project the Eco Committee have walked away from school in many directions for 5 minutes. Their findings will be mapped and promoted to encourage people to park their car away from school but just '5 minutes walk' away to help improve the air quality around school where they learn and play.

This mapping and the result of the air quality monitoring will also be used in maths lessons to help the children link maths to real results and figures.