Eco News : Spring Term

Everybody is doing a better job using the fruit bins. There is more fruit than ever and certainly no plastic so our worms are delighted. There is hardly any fruit on the ground , so Mr Child is delighted too!

Next week we will all be litter heroes – we will let you know how it goes.

This week we had a meeting to review our action plan and we had two new actions to share.

We talked about what we could bring instead of sweet birthday treats. The eco team came up with some ideas. Perhaps bug hotels, bulbs, wildlife books, plants, gardening equipment, bird food or eco magazines would be better for our health.

What do you think? If you have any ideas pass them on to the eco warriors.

Finally, we got to do our Dunalley Heroes Litter Pick. The good news is that the playground and our outdoor spaces are looking spotless. The bad news is that there was a lot of litter. Too much!

We all need to make sure that we put our rubbish in the bins - the right bins. If we brought snacks in a re-usable box we would not make any waste at all.

Ava & Daisy

Dunalley has signed up to an exciting new eco project. We will be collecting used batteries as part of the Duracell Big Battery Hunt. Every pupil will be coming home with their personalmini collecting box and there is a huge box in the foyer.

So as well as an Easter Egg Hunt this holiday try taking part in the Big Battery Hunt and fill those boxes so that we can win some prizes!

Mrs Barnett